Gender Equality in Research

The University of Lübeck is committed to structure a helpful surrounding enabling the combination of work and family and provides both thematic programs and individual counceling service across a range of topics. With the re-audit for a family-friendly university, the University of Lübeck consolidates the strategic objective to increase the prportion of women in adademic leadership positions. 

Furthermore, together with the Equal Opportunity Office and other research training groups at the University, the GRK 1957 organizes gender specific workshops and coaching held by expert trainers from outside the University, covering the topics on coaching for female scientists, career planning and application training.


02.07.201418:30Restaurant Tipasa, LübeckDr. Kerstin Lüdke-BuzugPhD Stammtisch
08.10.201411:00Room "Karp/Cook", EG., Geb.64Prof. Andrea TennerSeminar Series
22.11.201414:00-17:00Room "Dijkstra", EG., Geb.64Dr. Eva ReichmannWorkshops
02.03.201515:30-17:00Room "Karp/Cook", EG., Geb.64various coachesCoaching Info Event
03.03.201515:00-16:30Social Room, EG., Geb.64Dr. Daniela CotaSeminar Series
08.05.20159:00-10:30Social Room, EG., Geb.64Prof. Ina KochSeminar Series
01.10.201514:00-17:00TBADr. Eva ReichmannWorkshops
06.10.201516:30-20:00MFC1, Maria-Goeppert-Str. 1, LübeckJasmin Döhling-Wölm, Dr. Jutta Hastenrath, Monika HoyerWorkshops
13-14.11.2015TBAProf. So Young Park
Dr. Bettina Jansen-Schulz
Dr. Solveig Simowitsch
25.11.201516:30-18:15FH Lübeck, Building 2, Room 2-1.02Isabel GarcíaKeynote Lectures
12.01.20169:00-13:30Herrenhaus, Geb.82Ivar A. AuneWorkshops
18.02.201614:00-15:30CBBM, 2F, Room 69Dr. Violetta PilorzSeminar Series


Tipasa, Schlumacherstraße 12, 23552 Lübeck

Dr. Kerstin Lüdke-BuzugPhD Stammtisch
11.04.201715:00-16:30CBBM, 4F, LibraryProf. Dr. Ileana Hanganu-OpatzSeminar Series
20.06.201715:00-16:30CBBM, 4F, LibraryProf. Charlotte Ling, PhDSeminar Series
21.07.201713:30-14:30CBBM, 4F, LibraryLiad Mudrik, PhDSeminar Series
All Year RoundFamily Mobility GrantDr. Solveig SimowitschFamily Mobility Grant
All Year RoundABC Kids BoxGRK1957 OfficeABC Kids Box
25.09.201815:00-16:45CBBM, 4F, LibraryYolanda Diz-Chaves, PhDSeminar Series
12.10.201814:00-17:00European Hanse Museumvarious female speakersWorkshops
26.11.201811:00-15:30Herrenhaus, Haus 82Dr. Eva ReichmannWorkshops
20-21.06.20199:00-17:00/13:00CBBM, EG, B1/B2Dr. Brooke GazdagWorkshops
24-25.07.20199:00-17:00CBBM, EG, B1/B2Julie StearnsWorkshops