1st Generation Projects

No.Project Title
1Contribution of the blood-brain barrier to leptin resistance (Schwaninger)
2Interaction of adipokines with orexin signalling (Jöhren)
3Integration of inflammatory and metabolic signaling in the hypothalamus (Müller-Fielitz / Schwaninger)
4The impact of the neuropeptide calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) on ßcatenin-dependent adipogenesis (Brabant)
5Neuropepetidergic regulation of adipose tissue thermogenesis and transdifferentiation (Klein / Iwen)
6Linking temperature to metabolism - the role of brown adipose tissue in humans (Schmid)
7Visualizing adipocyte-brain crosstalk: joint independent component analysis on neuroimaging and hormone data (Münte / Jauch-Chara)
8Central nervous and peripheral actions of nesfatin-1 on thermogenesis and lipid storage in brown and white adipose tissue (Lehnert / Schulz)
9Central circadian regulation of leptin signaling (Oster)
10The interaction between central and peripheral clocks in the regulation of the white adipose function (Oster)
11Involvement of the angiotensin system in the regulation of adipogenesis (Raasch / Bader)
12Regulation of brown adipose tissue (BAT) activity through central mechanisms (Mittag)
No.Associated Project Title
1Central Control of Cardiovascular and Thermoregulatory Functions (Mittag)           
2Role of orexin type-2 receptor variants in energy homeostasis and reward processing (Jöhren)
3Role of the murine thyroid hormone transporters Mct8 and Oatp1c1 in the cardiovascular and thermoregulatory systems (Mittag)
4Novel concepts of body temperature regulation by thyroid hormone (Mittag / Heeren)
5Unraveling the molecular basis for successful thyroid hormone replacement therapy (Brabant / Mittag)

Regulation of adipokine production by DNA methylation in mouse models for obesity, insulin resistance and current therapies (Kirchner)

NoStartup Funding Project
1Crosstalk of central and peripheral circadian clocks in the regulation of adipose metabolic inflammation