Scientific Seminars

The scientific seminars are made up of two parts: Part A Doctoral Seminars and Part B CBBM-Lectures. In part A doctoral researchers will in turn give a talk on the progress of their research projects once a month. In part B doctoral researchers will participate in specific lectures from the CBBM-Lectures which are directly related to their research topic (in total at least 30 lectures during the PhD study). 

Part A Doctoral Seminars

Time:       Fridays, 14:00-15:00
Location:  CBBM Research Building, EG, Room 52/53

From 2019 on students' progress reports will be organized in the format of a winter retreat and a summer school.

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  • Marius Richter
  • Cerebral regulation of energy expenditure by TRH+ neurons and CO2 chemosensation
  • Julia Steinhardt
  • Sebastian Nock
  • Mechanisms of body weight gain in PD patients after deep brain stimulation
  • Identification of new Biomarkers for a successful thyroid hormone replacement therapy
  • Francesca Raffaelli
  • Sherif Idriss
  • Crosstalk of dopamine and thyroid hormone signalling in the control of thermogenic adipose tissue
  • Role of Astrocytic HIF-1a in Energy Metabolism
  • Beatrice Bertozzi
  • Daniel Stephan
  • Effects of intranasal insulin on thermogenesis and activation of brown adipose tissue
  • Involvement of paraventricular NUCB2/nesfatin-1 in the mediation of central nervous effects of Metformin on energy homeostasis
  • Martina Obst
  • Investigation of the neuronal and metabolic effects of a long-term transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation in obese men
  • Sandro Catzeddu
  • Nesfatin-1’s effects on energy homeostasis: dissecting the role of PVN and NTS neurons
  • Anne-Marie Neumann
  • Cathleen Geißler
  • Epigenetic Modulation of Behavioural Rhythms After Bariatric Surgery
  • Longitudinal analysis of the development of hepatic insulin resistance in DIO-mice



  • Alessandro Di Spiezio
  • Beate Herrmann
  • Sebastian Nock

"The role of the endothelial cells in leptin transport into the brain"
"Role of the murine thyroid hormone transporters MCT8 and OATP1C1 in the thermoregulatory and cardiovascular system"
"Identification of new biomarkers for a successful thyroid hormone replacement therapy"



  • canceled



  • Isa Kolbe


"Central clock influence on circadian adipose function"


  • Landia Lin
  • Franziska Schuster
  • Elias Rawish
  • Lisa Cherradi
  • Role of orexin/hypocretin receptor subtypes signaling in energy homeostasis and reward processing
  • Telmisartan preserves leptin transport across the blood-brain barrier
  • Influence of a chronic AT1 receptor blockade on hypothalamic lipids
  • TBA




  • Rose Kohlie
  • Eva Frevel
  • Jenny Backhaus
  • Cathleen Geißler
  • Dopamin directly increases mitochondrial mass and thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue
  • Interactions of adipokines with orexin signaling
  • Reasons to chill your life: Metabolic consequences of cold-activated brown adipose tissue in healthy normal weight and obese males
  • DNA Methylation of Galnt18 in Liver of Diet-Induced Obese Mice
  • Jana Kiehn
  • Luka Levata
  • Influence of the circadian clock in leptin-responsive neurons on energy homeostasis
  • Mechanistic aspects of centrally acting nesfatin-1 and adipose tissue implications   


  • Fabian Drewitz
  • Laura Nickel
  • Marina Walter
  • Sebastian Abele
  • Helen Sievert
  • Hyperthyreosis - searching for new biomarkers
  • Treatment of mice with an with an AT1-receptor blocker and its influence on the gastrointestinal barrier
  • Effects of external Zeitgeber modulation on peripheral clock entrainment
  • Characterization of tanycytic feedback mechanisms in hypo- and hyperthyroid mice
  • DNA Methylation in vesceral adipose tissue of obese non-diabetic and obese diabetic subjects
  • Lisbeth Harder
  • Kornelia Johann
  • Mareike Bernau
  • Hossna Yassin


  • Profiling parvalbumin neurons
  • Effects of sildenafil treatment on thermogenesis and glucose homeostasis in diet-induced obese mice
  • Impact of high-fat diet and IL-1β on glial NF-κB signalling in hypothalamus
  • Arkan Al-Zubaidi
  • Sogoal Gachkar
  • Influence of hunger, satiety, and oral glucose on the human brain effective connectivity
  • Molecular analysis of body temperature regulation in mice
  • Elvira Sandin
  • Identification of leptin transporters at the blood-brain barrier
  • Sherif Idriss



15.01.2016Janis Nolde"Glucose metabolism during short term fasting"
  • Isa Kolbe
  • Landia Lin


  • "Theinteraction between central and peripheral white adipose tissue clocks"
  • "Role of Orexin/Hypocretin Receptor Subtypes signaling in energy homeostasis and reward processing"


04.03.2016Lisa Cherradi"Identification of adipogenesis specific microRNAs"
08.04.2016Rose Kohlie"Direct effects of dopamine on mitochondrial thermogenesis in brown adipocytes"
  • Mareike Bernau
  • Franziska Schuster
  • "Relevance of the glial NF-κB pathway in high fat induced hypothalamic inflammation"
  • "Influence of the angiotensin system on obesity"
03.06.2016Eva Frevel"Interaction of adipokines with Orexin signaling"
  • Jana-Thabea Kiehn
  • Jenny Backhaus
  • Maureen Friedrichs
  • Maike Byner

"Influence of the circadian clock in leptin-responsive neurons on energy homeostasis"

"Effects of cold-induced BAT activity in humans“

"Circadian rhythms in depot-specific immortalized adipocytes"

"The role of thyroid hormone receptor β in brown adipocyte thermogenesis"

09.09.2016Luka Levata"Nesfain-1 interacts with the central melanocortin system to elicit thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue and increase energy expenditure"
07.10.2016Carla Dapper"Development of weight in Mas-knockout mice under AT1-receptor-inhibition"
28.10.2016Arkan Al-Zubaidi"Influence of oral glucose, hunger, and satiety on brain functional connectivity"


  • Lisbeth Harder
  • Kornelia Johann
  • Sogol Gachkar
"Profiling Parvalbumin Neurons - Differential Effects of Thyroid Hormone on Cortical and Hypothalamic Parvalbumin Neurons in Mice"

"Thyroid Hormones and the Goblet of Fire - Novel Concepts of Body Temperature Regulation by Thyroid Hormone"

"3-T1AM induced hypothermia is mediated by central actions"


09.01.2015Isa Kolbe"Food restricted behaviour and rhythmicity in White Adipose Tissue of SCN ablated mice"
06.02.2015Lisa Cherradi"Regulation of Adipogenesis"
27.03.2015Rose Kohlie"Dopamine-mediated regulation of mitochondrial functions in brown adipocytes"
10.04.2015Mareike Bernau

"Characterisation of the median eminence"

08.05.2015Eva Frevel

"Interaction of adipokines with orexin signaling"

12.06.2015Franziska Schuster

"Influence of the angiotensin system on leptin function"

03.07.2015Luka Levata

"The Effect of Centrally Administered Nesfatin-1 on Energy Expenditure and its Putative Mechanism of Action"

18.09.2015Arkan Al-Zubaidi"Visualizing adipocyte-brain crosstalk: Interaction between neuroimaging and hormone data"
09.10.2015Lisbeth Harder
Sogol Gachkar
"Central control of cardiovascular and thermoregulatory functions"
"Interaction of brain, brown fat and vasculature"
06.11.2015Jana-Thabea Kiehn 
Leonie Rademacher
"Influence of the circadian clock in leptin-responsive neurons on energy homeostasis"
04.12.2015Alessandro Di Spiezio"Characterization of brain endothelial Lrp1 ko mouse"



20.06.2014Program CommitteeOrientation
10.10.2014Rose Kohlie"Neuroendocrine regulation of adipose tissue thermogenesis and transdifferentiation"
07.11.2014Alessandro Di Spiezio"The hedonic food intake in brain endothelial LRP1 KO mice"
05.12.2014Jenny Backhaus"Cold-induced BAT-activity in humans: A Progress report"