Project Management Workshop

Dr. rer. nat. Valeska Russo, ProSciencia

23 September + 24 September 2014
Seminar Room Minsky (Geb.64, Ground Floor)

Getting started in the PhD - Managing Projects and Time

Many scientific projects and specifically PhD projects suffer from an insufficient planning, unclear goal definitions and consequently a bad time management. This leads to project delays, inefficient use of resources and often to frustration on the side of the scientists working on the bench.

This workshop is designed to improve this situation by supporting starting PhD students in the acquisition of the necessary skills for an effective management of their research project and their personal and private time. It is based on the classical project management and time management tools which are adapted to the need of exploratory scientific projects.

In extensive hands-on exercises participants will define goals and milestones for their individual project, create project work structures and will practice to organise their time by setting priorities and planning their workloads.

The workshop encompasses the following topics:

  • Definition of Aims and Objectives
  • Structuring the work: Work breakdown structures, definition of tasks and of milestones
  • Effective time planning and time management
  • Role allocations in a PhD project
  • Dealing with project delays, stress and frustration
  • Self-motivation