Workshop "Scientific Writing"

Trainer: Brian Cusack, ScienceCraft, Berlin

The workshop takes place on 2+3 September 2021, seminar room Lévi-Montalcini, CBBM (ground floor)


Writing-up research findings is a fundamental requirement for scientific success. This workshop enables scientists to communicate their research clearly and effectively in a research article.

Workshop content

Participants will learn how to

  • apply five key principles of scientific writing.
  • target their publication to a specific audience by “framing” their research story for increased impact.
  • construct a memorable “take-home message” by connecting all parts of the paper in a flowing narrative.
  • use the writing process to guide & understand their own research.
  • overcome writer’s block by combatting perfectionism and procrastination.

Target Group: PhD Students of the GRK 1957