Training Course for Persons Performing Animal Experiments

Dr. med. vet. Barthel Schmelting, Ph.D., Director of Laboratory Animal Facility and Animal Welfare Officer, University of Lübeck
30 June - 7 July 2014
8:30 - 17:00
Gemeinsame Tierhaltung, various locations

This 40-hour course (20hrs theory, 20hrs practice) is recognized by the local government department as the qualification to perform animal experiments in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Course content is as follows:

Biology main lab animal species:
anatomy, phsyciology, behavior (mouse and rat); how to handle laboratory animals; how to recognize pains, sufferings and damages; feeding and nutrition; breeding and ethics and genetics

Maintenance and Animal Husbandry:
animal husbandry rooms, barriers, husbandry units, cage systems, minimum space requirements, feeding

cleaning, desinfection; microbiological status of laboratory animals; health monitoring, prevention of infection; laboratory animal diseases; influence of experiment results, working under different hygenic conditions

Ethical Background for Experimenting with Animals,
Legal Background for Experimenting with Animals:
2010/63EU and implementation of the new Animal Protection laws and regulations

Performing and Planning of Animal Experiments:
experiment planning and protocol keeping; literature research; biometric statistics; documentation via animal management software; analgesia and anesthesia; no-go criteria regarding limit of sufferings; humane endpoints; safe handling of rodents: methods of application on and sample taking from rodents; euthanasia of laboratory animals in accordance with Animal Protection laws and regulations; necropsy; 3R principle; further traning

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