6th ABC Summer School

10-11 July, 2019, Elsa Brändström Haus

Kösterbergstraße 62, 22587 Hamburg



10 JulyWednesday
12:45Travel to venue with bus
14:30Arrival at venue
14:30-14:45         Check-in
14:45-17:15Social event "Seifenkistenbau & Rennen"
17:30-18:30Keynote Lecture "The role of the circadian clock in energy metabolism and inflammation"
18:30-20:00BBQ and get-together
11 JulyThursday
9:30-9:50Progress report by Elvira Sandin
9:50-10:10Progress report by Gianna Huber
10:10-10:30Progress report by Marius Richter
10:30-10:50Progress report by Julia Steinhardt
10:50-11:10Coffee break
11:10-11:30Progress report by Francesca Raffaelli
11:30-11:50Progress report by Beatrice Bertozzi
11:50-12:10Progress report by Martina Obst
13:30-14:30PI Meeting
14:30-14:50Progress report by Sandro Catzeddu
14:50-15:10Progress report by Anne-Marie Neumann
15:10-15:30Progress report by Xenia Schmidt
15:30-15:50Coffee break
15:50-16:10Progress report by Mehdi Pedaran
16:10-16:30Progress report by MD student Laura Lokowandt
16:30-16:50Progress report by MD student Marco Freschi
16:50-17:10Progress report by RISE students Ryann Carpenter and Sabrin Sajana
17:15Bus transfer to Uni Lübeck