5th ABC Summer School

3-5 September 2018, Romantik Hotel Fuchsbau

Dorfstraße 9-11, Timmendorfer Strand


Invited Speakers

Keynote Lecture Speaker
Wouter D. van Marken LichtenbeltProfessor Ecological Energetics and Health, School for Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism (NUTRIM), Maastricht University Medical Center

Scientific Writing Trainer
Dr. Brian Cusack, Science Craft


3 SeptemberMonday (students + PIs)
09:00Travel to hotel with bus
09:45Arrival at hotel
10:00-10:20Progress Report: Gianna Huber (15' talk + 5' discussion)
10:20-10:40Progress Report: Sherif Idriss
10:40-11:00Progress Report: Marius Richter
11:00-11:20Progress Report: Julia Steinhardt
11:20-11:40Coffee Break
11:40-12:00Progress Report: Francesca Raffaelli
12:00-12:20Progress Report: Beatrice Bertozzi
12:20-12:40Progress Report: Martina Obst
12:40-13:00Progress Report: Elvira Sandin
14:30-14:50Progress Report: Anne-Marie Neumann
14:50-15:10Progress Report: Xenia Schmidt
15:10-15:30Progress Report: Sandro Catzeddu
15:30-15:50Coffee Break
15:50-16:10Progress Report: Beate Herrmann
16:10-16:30Progress Report: Sebastian Nock
16:30-16:50Progress Report: Cathleen Geißler
17:00-18:00Free Time or PI Meeting
19:30-20:30Keynote Lecture "Human non-shivering thermogenesis and activation of brown adipose tissue"
by Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt
4 SeptemberTuesday (only students)
8:30-12:30Workshop Scientific Writing (Coffee Break at 10:30)
13:30-16:00Workshop Scientific Writing (Coffee Break at 15:30)
16:00-18:00iPad Ralley on Timmendorfer Beach
5 SeptemberWednesday (only students)
8:30-12:30Workshop Scientific Writing (Coffee Break at 10:30)
13:30-17:00Workshop Scientific Writing (Coffee Break at 15:30)
17:00Travel back to Uni Lübeck