ABC-Lecture Series

ABC-Lectures Series with an emphasis on the regulation of energy metabolism within the context of the GRK 1957 will be given by the participating researchers. This lecture series will introduce doctoral researchers and medical students to the research concepts of the GRK 1957 and will provide the necessary background within context of the pathogenesis of obesity and diabetes.

Schedule WS2017/18
Time:       Mondays, 8:15-9:15 am
Location: CBBM, EG, B1/B2

16.10.2017      Markus Schwaninger       The blood-brain barrier in obesity
23.10.2017Olaf JöhrenOrexin - feeding and beyond
30.10.2017FREE due to holiday on 31.10.FREE
06.11.2017Norbert BrüggemannEffect of deep-brain stimulation on brain and body metabolism
13.11.2017Jens Mittag/Alex IwenBreaking BAT of mice and men
20.11.2017Thomas MünteNeuroimaging in metabolic diseases
27.11.2017Sebastian SchmidMetabolic relevance of brown adipose tissue
04.12.2017Hendrik LehnertEffects of adipokines on brain function
11.12.2017Henrik OsterCircadian clocks and the regulation of metabolism
08.01.2018Jan WenzelEffect of CO2 on metabolic regulation
15.01.2018FREE due to DFG onsite reviewFREE
22.01.2018Walter RaaschThe renin-angiotensin system in the metabolic syndrome
29.01.2018Michael BaderSerotonin in metabolism
19.02.2018Henriette KirchnerEpigenetic alterations in the adipose tissue and metabolic diseases

Schedule WS 2014/15
Time:       Mondays, 8:15-9:00
Location: Seminar Rooms Karp+Cook, Ground Floor, Geb.64

Date                Lecturer                              Title
Fr 24.10.2014Prof. Hendrik LehnertSeminarraum KEF "Adipocyte-brain crosstalk - an introduction"
Mo 27.10.2014Prof. Jörg Heeren"Metabolic effects of BAT"
Mo 03.11.2014Prof. Georg Brabant"Hormonal regulation of metabolism"

Mo 10.11.2014

7:45 am

Dr. Alexander Iwen"Adipose function in the control of energy homeostasis"
Mo 17.11.2014Prof. Markus Schwaninger"The blood-brain barrier in obesity"
Mo 24.11.2014Prof. Olaf Jöhren"Adipokine signalling in the brain – feeding and beyond"
Mo 01.12.2014Prof. Walter Raasch"The renin-angiotensin system in the metabolic syndrome"
Mo 08.12.2014Prof. Michael Bader"Genetic models of diabetes/obesity"
Mo 15.12.2014Prof. Henrik Oster"Circadian clocks and the regulation of metabolism" 
Mo 05.01.2015Dr. Volker Ott"Insulin signalling as an integrator of cognitive and metabolic functions"
Mo 12.01.2015Prof. Thomas Münte"Neuroimaging in metabolic diseases"