TRH neurons in the energy homeostasis and regulation of brown adipose tissue

Project Description:

Regulation of the thermogenesis mediated by the uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) is the specific metabolic function of brown (BAT). The central administration of thyroid releasing hormone (TRH) increases the body temperature and BAT activity. In the central nervous system the TRH neurons and the TRH-receptors are widely distributed. However, the neurological pathways in the regulation of body temperature and BAT activity is still unknown.  In this project, we want to clarify these pathways using transgenic mouse models in combination with recombinant adeno associated viral vectors.


Experimental Methods:

  • Working with genetically modified mice (knock-out mice), including breeding strategies
  • Generation, production and icv application of rAAV vectors
  • Phenotyping of mice including measurement of thermogenesis, energy expenditure and body weight
  • Immunohistochemical analyses of TRH neurons and their projections
  • DNA, mRNA, protein extraction and quantification