Identification of leptin transporters at the blood-brain barrier

Project Description:

The adipokine leptin acts on the brain to limit food ingestion. In obesity this feedback mechanism is impaired, probably because the transport of leptin over the blood-brain barrier is reduced. However, the molecular mechanisms of leptin transport over the blood-brain barrier are largely unclear. We will study leptin transport in an in-vitro model of the blood-brain barrier. To identify the genes that are involved in the transport, we will perform siRNA screens of candidate transporters. Perspectively, we will modulate the expression of leptin transporters in vivo and evaluate the effects on body weight and metabolism.


Experimental Methods:

  • Cell culture
  • In vitro labeling of peptides
  • Transwell assays of peptide transport
  • Generation of AAV vectors
  • Handling and phenotyping of mice
  • Western blotting, immunohistochemistry, PCR, qPCR


Spiezio, A. D., Sandin, E. S., Dore, R., Müller-Fielitz, H., Storck, S. E., Bernau, M., Mier, W., Oster, H., Jöhren, O., Piertzk, C. U., Lehnert, H., and Schwaninger, M.: The LepR-mediated leptin transport across brain barriers controls food rewardMol Metab, vol. NN, ,