Effect of adipokines/cytokines on HIF-1 regulated astrocyte glucose metabolism

Project Description:

Astrocyte glucose metabolism is essential for the delivery of energy substrates to neurons and may regulate a variety of brain functions. We have revealed an essential role of the transcription factor HIF-1 in the regulation of astrocytic glycolysis (J Neurosci 32,9727, 2012). In obesity, hypothalamic astrocyte activity and glucose uptake is changed. Using in vitro systems we will analyze the effect of adipocytes/obesity on HIF-1 signaling in mouse astrocytes.

Experimental Methods:

  • Primary cultures of murine hypothalamic astrocytes
  • Co-culture systems
  • DNA and RNA extraction, PCR, qPCR
  • Western blotting, immunocytochemistry
  • Chromatin immunoprecipitation and reporter gene assays