Crosstalk of dopamine and thyroid hormone signalling in the control of thermogenic adipose tissue

Project Description:

The GRK project “Crosstalk of dopamine and thyroid hormone signaling in the control of thermogenic adipose tissue” from the groups of Mittag/Iwen aims to study the role of dopamine and thyroid hormone in brown fat thermogenesis and browning of white adipose tissue in a truly translational setup: we will integrate findings of in vitro experiments in cultured adipocytes with in vivo experiments in mice as well as studies in healthy human volunteers.

Experimental Methods:

  • Molecular biology techniques: Western Blot, qPCR including RNA isolation and cDNA synthesis, basic histology, oxygen consumption measurements, membrane potential recordings, and enzyme kinetic assays
  • Experimental animals: general techniques such as food and water uptake, body weight, genotyping of genetically modified animals, radiotelemetry surgery for heart rate and body temperature recordings in conscious and freely moving mice, infrared thermography for non-invasive measurements of thermogenesis and heat loss, and indirect calorimetry in combination with pharmacological interventions and genetic mouse models
  • Human volunteers: test of thermoregulatory parameters in dependency of the thyroid and dopamine status using infrared thermography, temperature measurements, serum levels of thyroid hormone and dopamine using ELISAs