2 new papers from Mittag's group in Thyroid

Congraulations to our 2nd generation alumni Beate Herrmann and Sebastian Nock, which just published their GRK project restuls in the journal Thyroid.

  • Beate Herrmann and Lisbeth Harder and Rebecca Oelkrug and Jiesi Chen and Sogol Gachkar and Sebastian Nock and Julia Resch and Markus Korkowski and Heike Heuer and Jens Mittag: Central Hypothyroidism Impairs Heart Rate Stability and Prevents Thyroid Hormone Induced Cardiac Hypertrophy and PyrexiaThyroid, no. Epub ahead of print, pp. NN, 2020

  • Sebastian Nock and Kornelia Johann and Lisbeth Harder and Eva Katrin Wirth and Kostja Renko and Carolin Höfig and Vanessa Kracke 9 and Julian Hackler and Beatrice Engelmann and Martina Rauner and Josef Köhrle and Lutz Schomburg and Georg Homuth and Uwe Völker and Georg Brabant and Jens Mittag: CD5L Constitutes a Novel Biomarker for Integrated Hepatic Thyroid Hormone ActionThyroid, no. Epub ahead of print, pp. NN, 2020