1st ABC Summer School

took place from September 8 to 10, 2014 beside the Baltic Sea in Boltenhagen.

GRK1957 Students

GRK1957 Students

GRK1957 Students & Supervisors

The kick-off event of boat-building on the 1st day brought the young researchers together and strengthened their team spirit. After all, they were physically "on the same boat". Franziska Schuster from the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology was elected as the student speaker; Isa Kolbe from the Department of Internal Medicine I as the deputy student speaker. The spokesperson of GRK 1957, Prof. Hendrik Lehnert, inaugurated the scientific program with a welcome speech. The keynote speaker Prof. Martin Klingenspor from Munich delivered a talk on "The role of brown, brite and white fat in energy balance regulation", which ignited great interest and heated discussion among the doctoral researchers.

The 2nd day was devoted to presentations from 11  GRK 195 projects. All the 11 doctoral researchers and 3 medical students presented their initial results and/or project plans for their 3-year research work. The attending PIs offered valuable feedback and suggestions regarding the direction of their research as well as collaboration opportunities. 

As trainer for Presentation Skills, Prof. Amir Madany Mamlouk from Lübeck gave a talk on "The human sense of smell". On the 3rd day the students participated in the 2nd module of the Presentation Skills Workshop where they received individual feedback and coaching.

The 1st ABC Summer School was successfully completed with the BBQ at the Hochschulsportzentrum. The green grassland and sporty location provided the students and PIs the chance to network and exchange, both professionally and personally.