ABC Kidx Box Ready for Use

Polzer Innenausbau GmbH & Co. KG

Polzer Innenausbau GmbH & Co. KG

The customised ABC Kids Box for our GRK1957 has arrived in the CBBM Building and ready for use immediately.

As part of the Gender Equality Measures, the ABC Kids Box is equipped with all you need to take care of your child during working hours in CBBM.

Travel Bed

The practical folding travel bed for a nap in between, which can also be used as a small playpen.

Mattress & Gym Mat

A cuddly folding mattress suitable for the travel bed. A sturdy folding mattress and a gymnastics mat to play and romp on.

Clamp Fit

For smaller children: sturdy and safe child seat to attach to the table top for children up to 15kg.

Table & Stool

For taller children: table top integrated in the KidsBox with matching, robust stool.

Play & Painting Stuff

Colorful pens and great toys from for different age groups. Felt and wooden pens, coloured paper, wooden blocks, Lego Duplo set, various puzzles, slot cars.

Children's Books

Exciting and educational children's books for different age groups, from picture books to knowledge books.

Disinfection & First Aid

Coloured plasters for minor aches and pains and disinfectants for hands and surfaces.

Changing Diapers & Breastfeeding

The opened KidsBox offers a protected area for changing diapers and breastfeeding. Initial equipment of disposable changing mat is available.

Transport Rollers

Easy and fast transport of the KidsBox due to 4 smooth-running wheels. The rollers can be locked when open.