Sogol Gachkar as first author of an article in the journal "Endocrinology"

GRK1957 student Sogol Gachkar has just published an article as first author in the prestigious journal "Endocrinology", characterizing the anapyrexic effects of the thyroid hormone metabolite 3-iodothyronamine on the regulation of body temperature by the brain. The article was the result of a fruitful collaboration with Sogol's GRK1957 research stay host lab of Miguel Lopez in Spain.

The article "3-Iodothyronamine induces tail vasodilation through central action in male mice" by Sogol Gachkar, Rebecca Oelkrug, Noelia Martinez-Sanchez, Eva Rial-Pensado, Amy Warner, Carolin S. Hoefig, Miguel López and Jens Mittag is available online at