Canceled! CBBM Lecture "Obesity and brain insulin resistance- cause or consequence"

by Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Häring,

Department of Internal Medicine IV,

University of Tübingen

will take place on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 from 17:15 to 18:15 hours in CBBM Research Building, EG, Room 50/51.

Host: Prof. Hendrik Lehnert
Department of Internal Medicine I
Universität zu Lübeck


The Tübingen family study collects people with increased risk to develop type 2 diabetes and comprises by now approx. 3.000 deeply phenotyped individuals. We used wholebody MRI imaging to assess bodyfat distribution patterns. We could identify subphenotypes of bodyfat distribution, a metabolically healthy phenotype of obesity (MHO) versus a metabolically unhealthy phenotype (MUHO) as well as distinct patterns of perivascular adiopose tissue as well as neckfat.

In a subgroup of approx. 250 individuals we studied brain insulin effects by MEG and fMRI and observed brain insulin resistance in obese people. We used nasal insulin as a tool to study brain effects in the fMRI.

Stimulation of brain insulin signalling by nasal insulin caused brain responses related to homeostatic regulation, eating behaviour but also caused changes of peripheral insulin sensitivity as determined by glucose clamp. Based on stable isotope techniques this brain derived signals affect both glucose appearance from the liver as well as glucose disappearance. Low hypothalamic insulin sensitivity correlated with increased visceral fat and decreased subcutaneous fat. We hypothesize that the brain insulin resistance causes unfavourable fat distribution patterns as a consequence of impaired signalling from the brain to the periphery favouring accumulation of visceral fat. This mechanism might also favour the develoment of NAFLD.



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