Doctoral Seminar

by Jana-Thabea Kiehn,

Jenny Backhaus,

Maureen Friedrichs,

Maike Byner

will take place on Friday, July 1, 2016 from 14:00 to 15:40 hours in CBBM Building, EG, Seminar Room 1/2.

Jana Kiehn
"Influence of the circadian clock in leptin-responsive neurons on energy homeostasis"
SupervisorProf. Henrik Oster
Co-SupervisorProf. Olaf Jöhren
Cooperation ProjectsDr. Carla Schulz
Prof. Sebastian Schmid
Jenny Backhaus
"Effects of cold-induced BAT activity in humans"
SupervisorProf. Sebastian Schmid
Co-SupervisorProf. Nico Bunzeck
Cooperation ProjectsProf. Henrik Oster
Prof. Johannes Klein/Dr. Alexander Iwen
Maureen Friedrichs, MD Student Work Report
"Circadian rhythms in depot-specific immortalized adipocytes"
SupervisorProf. Henrik Oster
Maike Byner, MD Student Work Report
"The role of thyroid hormone receptor β in brown adipocyte thermogenesis"
SupervisorProf. Jens Mittag/Prof. Johannes Klein