Open PhD Position

in Epigenetics and Metabolic Control

I am looking for a highly motivated PhD student (f/m) to help me analysing the epigenetic regulation of metabolic genes. My recently founded junior-group is located at the Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM) at the Universität zu Lübeck and funded by the Emmy-Noether Programm of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG. I am studying the influence of epigenetic DNA-methylation on the development of obesity and type-2 diabetes in humans and mice. The PhD-position is fully funded for 3 years and you are expected to begin in May-June 2016.

You should hold a diploma/master in a relevant life sciences discipline (such as molecular life science, molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular medicine, nutritional science), have good organizational skills, should be fluent in English and willing to work with tissues from humans and mice including blood. Experience in molecular and cell biology techniques and a thorough knowledge of physiology and genetics are advantageous.

Your work will focus on analysing DNA-methylation of metabolic genes in tissues from patients and mice suffering from type 2 diabetes and/or obesity.  Techniques that you will be using include DNA and RNA extraction, PCR, DNA methylation analysis by pyrosequencing, gene expression analysis, and cell culture.

Please submit your application by e-mail as one pdf-file combining relevant documents (letter of motivation, CV, university certificates, and contact of two references) by March 31th, 2016 to