Workshop on Gender and Creativity

by Ivar A. Aune from KreatIVARbeiten

will take place on May 12, 2016 in Herrenhaus, Geb.82. 


Is creativity only a matter to the males? After all, all the muses are female. Is there any gender-specific creativity at all? Considering the increasingly complex issues and an ever increasing specialization nowadays, it is rather the exception that someone will discover something significant alone. Only interdisciplinary or a team of highly heterogeneous specialists will be able to do that. The teams who have a higher percentage of females are more likely to succeed. Because of their brain pool the ideas or the solutions are growing. It is therefore important for all those involved in research to know the possibilities of own creativity and know its extension in the form of partnerships and especially group work. In a mixture of "traditional knowledge" and current neurobiological findings, the participants learn how to maximize their creative potential and as it alone or in a team.


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