Visiting Researchers

Collaborating and additional renowned scientists have been included in the qualification program as visiting scientists. We have invited the following guests to deliver state-of-the-art guest lectures and to discuss projects of the GRK's doctoral researchers in a variety of formats, e.g. Focused Meeting with the Speaker, Poster Walk and Speed Dinner.

2014 Speakers

Jean-René Cardinaux (02.09)

Claus Pietrzik (04.11)

Beat Lutz (11.11)

Harpal Randeva (16.12)

2015 Speakers:

Matthias Tschöp (13.01)

Daniela Cota (03.03)

Vincent Prévot (16.06)

Stephen Farmer (07.07)

Tamas Horvath (01.09)

Lutz Schomburg (08.12)

2016 Speakers:

Peter Arner (01.03)

Jeremy Tomlinson (03.05)

Paul Pfluger (10.05)

Michael Ristow (28.06)

Hans Hauner (18.10)

2017 Speakers:

Triantafyllos Chavakis (16.05)

Martin Jastroch (23.05)

Charlotte Ling (20.06)

Michael Roden (24.10)

Dimitris Grammatopoulos (19.12)