Tue, 27.11.2018
CBBM Lecture "Peptidergic modulation of feeding-related locomotor activity in Drosophila" by

Prof. Dr. Christian Wegener, Lehrstuhl für Neurobiologie und Genetik, Universität Würzburg,...

Tue, 25.09.2018
CBBM Lecture "Extrapancreatic effects of GLP-1: Regulation of metabolism and inflammation" by

Yolanda Diz-Chaves, PhD, Center of Biomedical Research, University of Vigo, Spain

Tue, 26.06.2018
CBBM Lecture "The human circadian clock and its disruption; Effects on metabolism, cardiovascular risk factors, and inflammation" by

Frank A.J.L. Scheer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School / Director,...

Tue, 24.04.2018
CBBM Lecture "Nuclear Reorganisations Controlling Sleep and Metabolism" by

Prof. Steven A. Brown, Chronobiology and Sleep Research Group, Institute of Pharmacology and...

Thu, 19.04.2018
Workshop "Scientific Presentation" by

Millie Baker, Director of The Speaking Adventure, UK

Fri, 06.04.2018
Introduction to Open Access Journals by

Rena Giese, Director of the University Library Lübeck

Mon, 19.03.2018
Lisbeth Harder receives DGE Basedow Prize 2018


Fri, 02.03.2018
Doctoral Seminar by

Francesca Raffaelli and Sherif Idriss

Wed, 28.02.2018
First-author paper for GRK1957 doctoral researcher Lisbeth Harder

Congratulations to Lisbeth...

Mon, 16.10.2017
ABC Lecture Series WS17/18

will start on Monday, October 16, 2017 with the lecture on The blood-brain barrier in obesity by...

Fri, 13.10.2017
1st ABC Thesis Defense by Isa Kolbe

will take place on Friday, October 13, 2017 from 9:00 hours in CBBM Building, EG, S1/S2.

Mon, 31.07.2017
New paper by GRK students in Molecular Metabolism

GRK1957 students Beate...