4th ABC Summer School Presented by GRK1957 Doctoral Researchers

GRK1957 doctoral researchers took to the stage at the 4th ABC Summer School, which was held on 25-27 September 2017 beside the lakes in Ratzeburg. After one day's intensive workshop on three different topics related to "Adipocyte-Brain Crosstalk", doctoral researchers presented their understanding of the latest research papers on selected topics in an innovative and entertaining manner. Thanks to their convincing and extraordinary performance all the three groups won the best presentation prize.

Group 1: Metabolic Cancer guided by Dr. Stephanie Fliedner
presented by Sogol, Gianna, Ada, Martina, Elvira, Marina

Group 2: Hypothalamic Inflammation guided by Dr. Christiane Koch
presented by Lisbeth, Beatrice, Kornelia, Sebastian, Sherif, Cathleen

Group 3: Leptin Resistance guided by Dr. Britta Wilms
presented by Francesca, Julia, Sandro, Jana, Anne-Marie, Arkan

As keynote guest speaker Dr. Martin Heni from University Hospital of Tübingen gave a talk on "Modulation of human metabolism by brain insulin action", which evoked lively discussion about the experimental methods used in the human studies.

To strengthen planning skills of the new generation of doctoral researchers,  Dr. Patricia Ruiz from Prosciencia was invited to teach the workshop "Project Management". 

Dr. Martin Heni and Prof. Sebastian Schmid in discussion
Group 1 presentation
Group 2 presentation
Group 3 presentation